About Us

About Us

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, ACME Portable has grown to be a worldwide leader in manufacturing portable computers.

Cyber Crime in the Modern Age

In this digital age, data is created, stored, and transferred at an amazing rate. While this is generally good, we are also seeing an increase in hack attacks, data theft, money laundering, and other forms of cyber crime. To counter these crimes, we need a way of investigating suspicious systems, and that is where our digital forensics products come into play.

Meiya Pico and ACME Portable Collaboration

Meiya Pico is a leader in digital forensic and information security in China. Their digital forensic experts and specialists have developed their own highly sophisticated software that is elegantly designed to be both user-friendly and effective.

ACME Portable is an industry-leading manufacturing company that specializes in portable computers. With branch offices all over the world, ACME prides itself in creating the best high-performance computers that are customized specifically for your needs.

Together, we have partnered together to bring to you the ultimate digital forensic solutions.

Our High-Performance Solutions

In recent years, many devices that are used for digital forensic investigations are actually unfit to be used in this field. They lack support for various digital devices. Data acquisition and analysis performances are poor. They are bulky and cumbersome to setup.

Our solutions are durable. They outperform comparable products. Many of them are also portable. We offer multiple solutions for use either in the lab or on the field.